Fresh North Sea Fish

The stunning Scottish coasts are well-known among anglers for boat and shore fishing. Grill our delicious Cod fish, make traditional fish&chips from excellent Whitings, prepare appetizing fishpie using our outstanding Haddock or vary your dinner plate with exceptional fresh Plaice. Dee&Haven online fish shop has everything you dream about!

  • Cod Fish Steaks

01_cod_fish1KG – £22.50

  • Cod Fish Fillet


1KG – £19.00

  • Whole Whiting


1KG – £10.50

  • Whiting Fillet

 whiting 2

1KG – £13.00

  • Whole Haddock


1KG – £16.00


  • Haddock Fillet


 1KG – £18.50

  • Whole Plaice

1 6 13 My First Fish

1KG – £14.50

  • Plaice Fillet

plaice81KG – £17.00

logo Dee&Haven


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