Dee&Haven is just in the mouth of the river Dee. This place is well known among fishers as the best Scottish salmon river. As the great John Ashley Cooper once wrote about the Dee, ‘it is hard to know what better type of water a keen fly fisherman could ask for.’ Dee&Haven Fish Shop gives you the opportunity to enjoy a fresh taste of true salmon just in a couple of clicks! Choose the right option for you, push “order” button and have a revel with our delicious fresh salmon from the river Dee.

  • Salmon Whole


1 KG – £11.00

  • Salmon Fillets Skin on


1KG – 15.00

  • Salmon Fillets Skinless


1KG – 16.50

  • Smoked Salmon

0_smoked salmon-0

1KG – £28.50

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